Wednesday, November 03, 2010

SuperHero WeatherBillZero Saves the World!

In my last blog entry I posted a YouTube video by SuperSoylent on failed prophet Weatherbill7. Weatherbill7 predicted that during August and Early September California would be devastated by a tidal wave and mega earthquake. He had had, he claims, seven warnings of disaster; hence the "7", I assume. But needless to say not one of his warnings have materialized into anything real; that’s why he is better referred to as "WeatherbillZero". I’m not interested in the details, but WeatherBillZero’s prognostication methods involved what he called “casting lots” with a deck of cards. In the video below he appears to be facing up to his abject failure as a prophet by burning his tarot playing cards and admitting that he was just “plain old deceived”.

OK, so having faced the plain old painful truth about himself, does WeatherBillZero go back to being plain old Mr. Small Guy and try to forget all about it all? Not a bit of it. The humble, wimpy, nerdy looking WeatherbillZero doesn’t exactly cut a dash like one of those brash, suave, loud mouthed alpha male evangelists with a Death Star sized ego armoured with 24 inches of high carbon steel; but let’s not underestimate the power of the mythology that WeatherbillZero is tapping into, a mythology that presents the player with an attractive win-win option; in effect a game of "heads I win, tails you lose". For it seems that the above video was not the beginning of a restoration of integrity, but just a blip, a temporary crisis of confidence in an ego that, it now seems, is well back on track, as the commentary WeatherbillZero has added to his video indicates:

This is the deck of cards I've had for sometime now. Through these cards, I had casted lots. I thought, after the September 3rd mega quake did not come to pass, that I had been deceived, but I have come to realize, this was a judgement that was held off by The Call's ( 14,000 Christian brethren who had prayed for God's mercy. God had answered and boy, do they not realize what they have done! They have stopped massive devastation on California! Praise God and the proof of this, is the more than 17+ sources at the web site,, who were given amazing signs that this was going to take place.
My accusers do not beleive in the power of prayer, so naturally, they are going to mock, ridicule and belittle all of this. To my accusers, I say, MAKE MY DAY! I am a man without reputation! I will preach the gospel in the face of my tormenters. No one is going to stop me! BTW, there is some wonderful worship music here on youtube at weatherbillmusic. Have a blessed day !

So weatherbillZero only thought he had been deceived when in fact he had achieved nothing less than help save America from destruction by getting thousands to pray and stop the catastrophe. In short WeatherbillZero has managed to reinflate his ego! The feel good factor has returned to his life.

The heroic fight against evil continues in WeatherBillZero's fantasies

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