Thursday, January 31, 2013

Charismatic Stubstep: Dance or Trance?

If you think the services at your church are starting to feel a bit flat and in need of a spirit filled pick-me-up ... no, make that "a spirit filled knock-me-down"... then the people in the above video claim to have the answer. But if your church goes for this style of worship it may need to treat some worshippers for post traumatic stress syndrome; in fact, in video look out for the guy who runs dementedly up the aisle of the church and appears to be making for the door. That brings me to the other health and safety aspect: Make sure you keep the doors of the church locked during the service:  Worshippers involuntarily spilling out onto the streets and running all over the place may end up under a truck feeling a bit flat and you're then back to square one!

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