Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh, and By the Way Ken....

........I've moved amongst quite a few fundamentalists in my time. In fact when I first committed to Christ I was somewhat spiritually intimidated into becoming a fundie myself. But it didn't last very long; when I looked at the state of Whitcomb and Morris' book "The Genesis Flood", I thought "Oh no! Surely I haven't got to defend this travesty of science?". YEC was the first thing to go!  But from day one I was fascinated by the varieties of fundamentalism that at once contradicted and yet looked so much like my new found "faith". They too claimed an epistemic authority as mouth pieces of God's Word and were quick to put me in my place as a heretic with a bad conscience. Think about the logic of fundamentalism - it always comes down to imputing bad consciences to detractors - that's why fundamentalists are such sops for conspiracy theory.  All in all I've done quite a bit of work amongst fundies. That means I know a bit about their group dynamics, their psychology and the psychology of their leaders. So, given your likely personality type, Ken, you can imagine I have lots of ideas about just why you should have bothered to link to such quiet part of the blogosphere as mine; but you just couldn't let it lie, could you? Which reminds me, the word "LIE" (as in "The're all lovers of lies outside my sect") is right up the fundamentalist's epistemic street isn't it?

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